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New Game-Changing Plugin creates smart links that will enable you to Segment Your Customer List In Just One Click and Completely Automate Your Customer's Campaign!

  • Automate list segmentation and save hours of time
  • Improve your client's ROI from Their email marketing campaigns
  • Build segmentation tree or segmentation machine with few click of a mouse
  • Easy-to-use interface makes it “point and click” easy to manage your list
  • ...and MUCH more with this license
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Segmenting And Analysing Your Client's Lists Benefits:

Increase Their Emails Open Rates

Improve Their Email Click-Through Rates

Generate More Profits for Your Clients

Reduce Their Unsubscriber Rates

Compatible with AWeber, GetResponse, and MailChimp

Get the data you need with a click of the mouse

Improved targeting increase sales

Fewer unsubscribes = increased ROI

Get “Developer/Flipping” rights on WP SEGMENTING MACHINE AND WP BIGDATA MACHINE - DEVELOPER RIGHTS, for a small, ONE TIME, payment. Similar services are easily sold for $997 per year, but as a Thank You for becoming my new lifetime client I want to reward you for taking action, with this rare opportunity to own developer & flipping rights to the WP Segmenting Machine and WP BigData Machien. Your real powerhouse to maximise any lists profits.

You’ll get a developer/flipping rights licence on both the WP SEGMENTING MACHINE AND WP BIGDATA MACHINE- DEVELOPER RIGHTS WordPress plug-ins, that works with the 3 popular email autorepsonder services of Aweber, GetResponse and MailChimp.

It’s expected that there will be over 10 million WordPress installs by 2017 providing an instant customer base for you. But as a service or setup, you can empower any business, globally, and even earn on-going commissions from referring the autorepsonder platform sign-ups or charging 2~20X for managing accounts on a client’s behalf. And when you manage a business's list, or provider a seminal service to their operation like email or segmenting, they have little choice but to become a loyal client of yours.

All of this becomes feasible, when you go the extra mile and invest in the Developer Rights of WP SEGMENTING MACHINE AND WP BIGDATA MACHINE - DEVELOPER RIGHTS.

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Facts About List Segmenting:

  • FACT #1 - There is no one-size-fits-all type of customer regardless of the products you're selling; there will always be people at different stages of the buying cycle and sending all of your contacts the same message is counter-intuitive.
  • FACT #2 - With segmentation, you will increase sales and engagement levels with your customers.
  • FACT #3 - You will better understand what your customer want and need from your business.
  • FACT #4 - On a customer level if a firm knows our interests and idiosyncrasies, we're much more likely to be receptive to their messaging.
  • FACT #5 - By sending fewer - but more relevant - emails, email marketers increase the value of their messaging while decreasing the risk of being sent on a one-way trip to the delete folder.

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