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You’ve probably heard that the money is in the list, right?

That statement is not quite true…

The money is in your buyers list.

Buyers and active users are the key to a successful email list that results in more sales and more profits…

Properly segmenting your list and targeting the right offers to the right people is the most important thing you should be doing in your email marketing business.

An old, yet still very valid, rule of thumb is that 50% or your success in a campaign comes from how well and how specifically you target your list…

The more targeted your offer, the more likely your list is to open your email, click on the links, and ultimately take the action you want them to take…

Beyond targeting, it’s also crucial to know where in the buying cycle your subscribers are:

  • Are they a fresh lead?
  • Are they active and opening your emails?
  • Are they a customer that has spent money?

Your marketing message and approach needs to be catered to each step in your sales cycle…

The wrong message or even the right message to the wrong person, will
result in less opens, less clicks, unsubscribes, and fewer sales!

To make the best marketing decisions, you need data…

You need to see things like:

  • What emails are getting opened in your sequence
  • What links your subscribers are clicking on
  • The overall activity level of your subscribers

You need to see things like:

  • What emails are working
  • Which emails are NOT working
  • Where in the sequence your subscribers are right now
  • Where in the sequence your subscribers should be
  • What content your list and sub-lists prefer
  • What content needs to be changed because it’s not working

Once you have this information, you can move your subscribers seamlessly from list to
list and segment them appropriately.

But here’s the problem…

This information is not easy to find.
If you’re currently using AWeber, GetResponse, or MailChimp today, you don’t have access to all of this data at your fingertips…  Sure, you can get some of this information, but it’s a time-consuming and very manual process…

Here’s An Example Of Just How Manual Work You Need if Using On Of The Following Autoresponders For Your Business:

All three of them will allow you to check open stats, but you can only see one email at a time…

There is no way to know if the same subscriber also opens your 2nd and 3rd emails, unless you manually pull up each subscriber, open these emails one-by-one, and check it yourself… especially if you want to check a larger amount of data, and if you have only hundreds,not to say in thousand subscribers on your list, this task is almost impossible to do...

And this is NOT a good way to get the data you need.

The real question is...

Can you afford yourself not to
know this stats?


Can you with 100%
confidence give me "YES"
as an answer to following
3 questions?

Who are your best customers?

Who is just costing you money?

Are you mailing them differently?

(if your answer is NOT "yes" to all of the three questions, them please continue reading)

But you NEED this information! 

This information can help you make crucial decisions about the effectiveness of your autoresponder series and on which list a subscriber should be…

At the end of the day, segmenting your lists properly based on cold, hard data WILL increase the profits on your campaigns…

In order to give marketers the transparency and information they need to make important list-related marketing decisions, the WP List Analytics Plugin was created…


WP BigData Machine Plugin

New Game-Changing Plugin Enable You To Analyse Your List In Just Few Clicks Of Your Mouse

  • In-depth stats to help you make better segmenting and marketing decisions
  • Save you countless hours that you’d have to spend mining the data you need which you can now use to grow your business and make more money
  • You will get data in form of a matrix, about two most important statistics when it comes to emailing marketing: open rates and click through rates

WP BigData Machine Plugin Gives You:

In-depth open rate states so you can make educated decisions on which emails in your sequence are working and which ones are not working

Know exactly who is active and "not so active" on your list. This is one of a kind feature of our plugin that will save you enormous number of hours and put more money in your pocket!

The ability to move subscribers from one list to another… When you have the right data, you can decide which email sequence will be the most effective for your subscribers – generating you more sales and profits!

Find your inactive subscribers and re-engage them to maximize the profits generated from your list

Click-through rate stats that will tell you what content is resulting in the action you desire and which subscribers might perform better on another list

When you move subscribers to a new list, put them anywhere in the email sequence that you want – You have COMPLETE control!

Here’s How Simple It is to Get Unparalleled Transparency of Your Subscriber Data with WP BigData Machine Plugin:

The WP BigData Machine Plugin

Install it and begin profiting within minutes of installation

Works with the 3 most popular email marketing programs: AWeber, GetResponse, and MailChimp

Detailed instructions

Detailed instructions that walk you through everything from installing to using the plugin

World-class support

Need help along the way… no problem!

Simply open a support ticket and we’ll help you out!


Anytime we update the plugin, you’ll get them it at no charge

Watch This Demo

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WP BigData Machine plugin gives you the visibility you need to make crucial, profit-generating decisions in your email marketing business…

If you’re building a list of any kind, you will benefit from WP BigData Machine plugin.

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